Thursday, March 26, 2015

Technology Survey, March 30 - April 26

Springfield Town Library is conducting a survey to better understand how our patrons use library technology and how our community benefits from free access to computers and the Internet at the Library.  The survey will be available online at the Library’s website, and on all seven public access computers in the Library, starting Monday, March 30.  The survey is completely anonymous and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.  Paper copies of the survey are also available for those who prefer that format. (Read More)
The information gathered will help the Library improve its technology services and communicate the value of providing these services to the community.   People of all ages and walks of life use Library computers to perform a variety of tasks, from routine things like emailing friends and family to life-changing opportunities like finding a job, applying to college, and making critical health decisions. 

A national study conducted by the University of Washington reported that public use of free library technology had a significant impact in employment, education, health, and connecting with their community.  The study revealed that 40% of library computer users received help with employment needs, including searching for jobs online and submitting job applications and resumes.  37% focused on health issues while 42% used their local library computers for school work and other educational concerns.  And 60% -- 43 million people – used their public library computers to connect with government, civic groups, friends and family.

These are national figures, but in order for the Springfield Town Library to best meet our community’s technology needs and to demonstrate how these services make a difference, it’s necessary to collect this information at the local level.  Please support your public library and help improve its public technology services.  Go to the Library’s website,, to fill out the survey, or access it from one of our free public access computers.