Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Wings of Wonder: What the Vermont Butterfly Survey Taught Us About the Lepidoptera in Our State

                             Thursday,  September 12th  at  6:30 pm

Photo Credit:  Kent McFarland

Despite their lofty status among the insects, butterflies were largely a mystery in Vermont.  In 2002, we launched the Vermont Butterfly survey and have been discovering exciting facts about these insects ever since.   Come learn about the carnivorous larvae of the Harvester and the journey of the Monarch.   Get to know the butterflies in your garden and how to lure more of them.   Discover the perplexing genus of the Blues and why the Mourning Cloak is a spectacular survivor.  We invite you to delve into and explore the world of Vermont’s butterflies.  This VERMONT CENTER FOR ECOSTUDIES event is sponsored by the Friends of the Springfield Town Library.