Thursday, September 29, 2011

Deadline EXTENDED for Public Assistance Disaster Fund Applications

Cities and towns in Vermont will have an extra 16 days to apply for federal disaster assistance to help repair damage caused by Tropical Storm Irene. The new deadline for communities to apply is now October 17, 2011. President Barack Obama signed an emergency Public Assistance disaster declaration for all Vermont counties on September 1st.
The declaration makes all cities and towns in Vermont eligible to receive 75% reimbursement for eligible response repair, and cleanup costs. By law, those who are eligible for funds MUST submit a request for public assistance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency within 30 days of the declaration – however, that deadline has been extended to October 17, 2011.
Communities, certain non-profits, and publicly owned utilities in the declared counties can put in claims for things like overtime paid for storm cleanup, public infrastructure damage, contractors, equipment rentals, fuel for those rentals and other publicly owned equipment used for cleanup or repairs, and any other costs above and beyond normal operating expenses.
Your regional planning commission, the Vermont Agency of Transportation, and PA specialists from FEMA can help with the application process, but it must be completed by the deadline of October 17th. This does not affect the October 31 deadline for individuals to apply for Individual Assistance. For more information, please call Alec Portalupi at the Vermont Agency of Transportation at 802-828-3889; or Gary Schelley of VTrans at (802) 828-0425.