Thursday, December 30, 2010

Read Books in your Email!

Join the Library's Online Book Clubs and start receiving chapters from popular books in your daily email. Everyday, Monday through Friday, we'll send you a portion of a book that takes only five minutes to read.
During the week, you'll have a chance to read 2 or 3 chapters, enough to know if it's a book you want to finish. You can read a wide variety of books including fiction, nonfiction, romance, business, teen and mystery books.
The Online Book Clubs are a free service of the library. You don't even need a library card. Just give us your email address and five minutes a day, and we'll give you the exciting world of reading. Just click on the "Read Books in Your Email" link on the right hand side of this blog page and sign up today!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do you have a hobby or collection you'd like to share?

The display case in the Flinn Room of the Springfield Town Library often holds local treasures or information that can be overlooked on a quick visit to the library. The next time you stop by, take a look up in the Flinn Room (where the newspapers and magazines are kept) and check out the display case. Right now you'll see a historical display of skiing in Springfield, on loan from the Vermont Ski Museum.

Do you have a hobby, collection or historical artifacts you would like to put on display and share with the town? Please call the library at 802-885-3108 or email springfieldprograms@gmail for information about how to share your items. The display case was donated to the library by Ascutney Mountain Audubon in memory of Herman S. Young.