Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hints for the Library YouTube Contest!

If you haven't visited YouTube and watched the Springfield Town Library promotional video featuring a wacky cast of characters - check it out by clicking on the title above!
Win a pair of Sony wireless headphones by trying to guess all ten characters, authors, musicians, historical figures, etc in the video. We'll help by giving some hints along the way. Then just write down your guesses and drop them off at the library. The winner will be drawn from those with the most correct guesses.

Hint #1 - The "woman in red" is a character from a mystery series written by a Vermont author whose first and last name initials are the same letter.
Hint#2 - The man who "is not all there" has a first name, do you know what it is?
Hint#3 - The woman with the sign around her neck and a rat on a leash is the daughter of a historical figure. We don't know her name because she was always referred to as "The__________Daughter."

The winner will be drawn on September 7th, 2010! Have a laugh with the staff and happy guessing!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Hawks Overhead! Thursday, August 19th at 6:30pm

Join Alma Beals, Phil Morgan and Marshall Wheelock as they tell how the Putney Mountain Hawk Watchers got started. The presenters will use slides and stories to explain season migrations and demonstrate how to identify hawks with life size silhouette cutouts. These dedicated birders will provide you with a wealth of information so that you can be ready to identify raptors overhead during the fall migration. Co-sponsored by the Nature Museum, Springfield Town Library, Ascutney Mountain Audubon and partially funded by the Wellborn Ecology Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. Refreshments served.